• Carefully gauge the success of district level events.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of Unit Commissioner Service to both urban and rural units.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of each District’s Key 3.
  • Rigorously review operation procedures in districts that are not achieving the Gold Standard for Journey to Excellence.
  • Promote the Journey to Excellence model to help keep unit, district and council leadership focused on the key indicators for a healthy scouting program.
  • Develop a plan to increase the number of Troops that are participating in an annual long-term camping experience.
  • Evaluate camp properties and camp programs to determine if they are providing a positive experience for families.
  • Enhance camping and program experiences for Cub Scout families.
  • Review the most current Voice of the Scout results to determine areas of potential concern.
  • Analyze the current tools used to communicate with volunteers and the community; determine how to ensure effective and timely communication is taking place.
  • Provide leadership to the capital projects determined by the Properties Committee.

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