The first 120 days

During the first 120 Days

  •  Meet with Council Key 3 and reaffirm council priorities.
  • Meet with staff (listen, focus on key issues, empower and create expectations).
  • Create a staff environment of excellence through motivation and leadership by example.
  • Visit with each Executive Committee Member, one on one, to become acquainted, discuss community needs, funding and board member visions of the Black Warrior Council.
  • Meet with each district chairman and district commissioner to discuss unit service and district operations.
  • With the VP of District Operations, conduct fireside chats in each district, meeting unit leaders to discuss council services and assess unit leader needs.
  • Meet with the finance committee and review the council support and revenue projections for the final two quarters.
  • Meet with finance committee and determine an effective way to address needed capital improvements at Camp Horne, Camp O’Rear and White Bluff Scout Reservation.
  • Meet with each school district superintendent to secure continued support and cooperation. Get board advice on any school district(s) that are not fully cooperating with us.
  • Meet with the Executive Directors of the United Ways in order to begin building a positive relationship.
  • Meet with the Order of the Arrow leadership and seek chapter support in assisting the council.
  • Hold meetings with District Membership Chairs to promote volunteer involvement in “Year-round” recruitment.
  • Attend the council program, training, advancement and activities committee meetings.
  • Become active in the community.
  • Find a great church for my family.